Integrating Science in the Philippines (ISIP) organizes Discovery Science Camp 2016

Day 2 Project makingQuezon City, Philippines – June 9, 2016 – This 2016, the annual Discovery Science Camp brought to you by Integrating Science in the Philippines (ISIP) returned to Philippine Science High School Main Campus for a week of science activities and workshops for this year’s campers. The Discovery Science Camp is designed to provide high school students with an avenue to explore science and technology beyond the classroom and develop an appreciation for it and its applications.

On-site camp preparations began on May 31, and the camp officially ended on June 5, with a post-camp field trip organized the day after on June 6. ISIP partnered with Philippine Science High School Main Campus (Pisay) for this camp and generously agreed to help sponsor accommodations, food, and logistical needs. The camp was organized by a core team led by Robin Racela, the 2016 camp director. Aside from the core team, volunteers aided in the success of the camp. The volunteers came from different backgrounds – some were last year’s campers, some were last year’s volunteers, some were Pisay alumni, some were Pisay students, some came from other schools like St. Paul’s College Pasig and universities like UP.

The campers began arriving on June 1, and the activities officially began on June 2. The campers, who are public and private school students in grades 7-10, came from all over the Philippines – from Samar, Catanduanes, and even as far as General Santos City. The campers grouped together to design projects to solve problems they identified from their own experiences and the experiences of their fellow campers. They were guided by a step by step process for this project until their project presentation on June 4, where a pDay 3 Stargazinganel of Pisay teachers and a panel of Filipino scientists, including Dr. Reinabelle Reyes and Dr. Mahar Lagmay, gave them feedback. Aside from their project pitch, they participated in an Agham-azing race designed to immerse them in the scientific method, listened to a science communication talk to help them with their presentations, and got their hands messy in DIY workshops. All these activities aimed to develop their appreciation for science and technology. They also developed camaraderie with their fellow campers through team building, night activities, and board games. Their camp experience was topped off with a closing ceremony with talks from Filipino USAID scholars and a night under the stars, literally.

Even though the camp ended the next day, and the campers and organizers had to say their goodbyes, some of them remained for the field trip the next day. Those who remained toured the National Institute of Geological Sciences (NIGS) and Marine Science Institute (MSI) in UP, visiting labs and talking to researchers about their work. The tours concluded a week’s worth of activities organized by ISIP.

Day 3 Team BuildingISIP looks forward to organizing Discovery Science Camp 2017 and extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the partners, sponsors, and individuals who helped make Discovery Science Camp 2016 a success! For more information on the camp, visit the Discovery Science Camp facebook page – Until next time campers!

Integrating Science in the Philippines (ISIP) is an organization dedicated to creating opportunities and experiences in science, technology, and communication that will ignite curiosity, cultivate learning, and inspire service in the Filipino youth.

For more information you may visit us our Youtube Channel – or our Facebook page –

Scroll down to read more about Discovery Science Camp through the experience of Team Buddy Datz Meditar!


Late night meetings, endless work, accompanying groups of young science enthusiasts, and commitment to service. These are just some terms to describe what a facilitator in this year’s Discovery Camp confronted especially for a first-time Team Buddy like me.

I accepted the challenge of being able to facilitate this year because I’d love to experience the workload of our team buddies and facilitators last year, how they managed to successfully organize a camp with us since I belonged to the pioneer campers of ISIP. This will also help my character development as a young adult to increase my involvement in such significant initiatives like this one. My dedication is so pure that I flew away all over Pisay from Koronadal, South Cotabato which is situated at the southernmost part of the Philippines.

Walang Iwanan. That was our group name suggested by a camper of our group and we all agreed. From Day 0, we immediately started an extremely special kind of bond, sort of a family, that will inherit our existence in the whole duration of the camp together with the other 7 groups with different astounding names like PinUNO, Sevengers, InfinEIGHT, and a whole lot more. Eight groups shared with the same goal, supervised by our own core team, mentors, facilitators, and camp moderator. There is no doubt that we’ll be having a wonderful series of events.

Blissful feelings came beyond my senses as I observe and witness my “friends” (campers under my team) having their time of their lives by appreciating science in a variety of ways. It reminded me of the whole experience me and my fellow pioneers felt like in the first camp. From amazing races, night explorations, interesting science workshops, down to stargazing, team buildings, and most especially the highlight of the camp, Project Pitch, I can completely say that all the hard work of everyone involved paid off and it was all a sign of victory in the sense that the camp became a success.

There were no signs of competition, all fun and memory catching. Yes, there was a huge amount of challenges that we faced, challenges that don’t rest to test us, but this made the camp where it is now. We are all thankful for them because it gave us ultimate motivations to push through on what our primary goals for this camp truly are. Everything was a worthwhile adventure, a rollercoaster ride that can’t be traded by another.

It gives me great honor and happiness to belong in an organization that dwells on contributing a lot to the science community. Being with them, seeing the smiles of every individual inspired me to love science even more and offered me a place in this world. I believe that each part of our entire voyage will sail and live on and on, in the name of science. – Datu “Datz” Meditar


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