Kalusugan Para sa Bayan

Because we love initiatives that bridge gaps in our society and admire his work in the health sector, today we feature Dr. Lee Yarcia, doctor + law student + HealthJustice Research Manager + editor of the Philippine Law Journal. Continue reading


How You Can Save with Waste

Several countries, including the Philippines, have a solid waste problem. Waste is being dumped everywhere, and, even if the waste is dumped in a landfill, it wouldn’t be a surprise to discover these landfills do not comply with the environmental standards. The capacity of a population to produce waste is unlimited, but the land available is a finite resource. Several solutions, like upcycling plastic and fabric, are in place. However, upcycling is labor-intensive. One of the common and lucrative solutions is converting the waste into energy. As nations move towards a circular economy and seek to build smart green cities, a waste to energy scheme becomes even more relevant and necessary. Continue reading