Will We Live Our Whole Lives Experiencing Traffic?


We know the MRT is operating way past its capacity. Now, we also know how much space all the registered vehicles of NCR take. Moreover, the dimensions illustrated above are merely an estimate because we assumed all the cars were of the same model, the buses and trucks were of the same size, and that tricycles and motorcycles were equal in size due to limited data. This means that the actual total area consumed by registered vehicles in NCR is larger, and because Metro Manila’s infrastructure cannot handle this volume of vehicles, we need to lessen this. Continue reading


How You Can Save with Waste

Several countries, including the Philippines, have a solid waste problem. Waste is being dumped everywhere, and, even if the waste is dumped in a landfill, it wouldn’t be a surprise to discover these landfills do not comply with the environmental standards. The capacity of a population to produce waste is unlimited, but the land available is a finite resource. Several solutions, like upcycling plastic and fabric, are in place. However, upcycling is labor-intensive. One of the common and lucrative solutions is converting the waste into energy. As nations move towards a circular economy and seek to build smart green cities, a waste to energy scheme becomes even more relevant and necessary. Continue reading

Circular Economy: Levelling up the 3‘R’s

circular economy

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You may be shocked that the first article of BOX does not concern new technology. Rather, it is about a system of living.


As we embark on scientific discourse, it is imperative that, whatever technology we design, companies we build, or products we own, we think about the survival of society in the long term. Maybe, that’s hard to see in a “you versus the world” culture. In that particular mindset, it’s easier and more financially-sound to take and dispose resources without considering anyone else. (Just think of all the dumpsites!) But, what if you could have the same – or even better – level of success with an opposing school of thought? That is what the circular economy is about.   Continue reading