1. Why BOX?

Growing up, we’ve heard the statement “think outside of the box” used as a solution to life’s problems. And, we’ve never really understood how to do so. After a couple of years, we’ve concluded we can only “think outside of the box” by understanding that box. Right now, the gigantic box is the world of physical and cultural laws that we reside in (Think of gravity! Think of how Africa leapfrogged landlines to cellphones!). At BOX, we want the world to live above those constraints, and we believe that discourse and in-depth but interesting articles will propel us to awesome heights.

2. I don’t mean, “Why is your website called BOX?” I meant, “Why should I even read BOX when there’s so much content online?”

We agree! BUT, sifting through that content and separating fact from fiction takes a lot of time. Here are four reasons why:

**If you can’t be bothered, the gist is that we understand what you want or need, we are science geeks, and we also want to learn from you.

  • We’re university students so we’ve written several papers on science experiments for a person (i.e., the professor) who already knows all the answers. We’ve grappled with all the difficult concepts and explained them to a professor, and we thought we should also share the content of our papers in an informal manner so that more people benefit.
  • Since we’re students, we get you – science lessons (especially those without lab) can sometimes be pretty boring. Read this magazine to get interested in science!
  • We love science so, in our free time, we research on various topics we don’t learn in school.
  • We know our knowledge is limited. So, we want you to help us out. Correct us. Add more information. Comment. We’ll reply ASAP because we value insight.

3. Why are there no “soft science” articles?

In the future, we will definitely branch out after success! We understand its importance in technology (For instance, Silicon Valley looks for liberal arts graduates). So, in the meantime, we are focusing on hard science. This isn’t snobbery but a case of limited manpower and resources.