Will We Live Our Whole Lives Experiencing Traffic?


We know the MRT is operating way past its capacity. Now, we also know how much space all the registered vehicles of NCR take. Moreover, the dimensions illustrated above are merely an estimate because we assumed all the cars were of the same model, the buses and trucks were of the same size, and that tricycles and motorcycles were equal in size due to limited data. This means that the actual total area consumed by registered vehicles in NCR is larger, and because Metro Manila’s infrastructure cannot handle this volume of vehicles, we need to lessen this. Continue reading


Creating the Building Blocks of a Better Science Education with the IQube

Otactiles1.pngftentimes, teachers and parents are faced with the challenge of redirecting the attention of kids from toys to the abstract science lessons at hand. Tactiles, a Filipino startup, addresses this challenge by piquing children’s interest in science and engineering using the IQube.

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